“If you like your country bold, bash and toe-tapping, then look no further than American-born, Italy-raised and now Sweden-residing Vivien Searcy. From the opening few bars of the opening title track, you know exactly what you’re in for. Traditional country sounds with modern overtones add up to a great listen. Overall. LIVE IT RIGHT is another quality release from Ms. Searcy, and provides a good blend of traditional and modern country that is sure to win over new fans and appeal to existing ones.” 
— Chris Beck- Maverick Magazine UK


Vivien Searcy offers a total of 12 very successful titles on “Live It Right”. Her musicians are all first class. The powerful but also gentle voice of Vivien presents a wonderful mix of country music with traditional influences as well as lots of crunchy rock sounds. One of the many highlights is the catchy, powerful final song, the country-rock anthem “I Can Outrun You”. Very well done!” 
— Iris Paech - Country Magazine DE

"Live It Right shows how Vivien Searcy Does it right “. Live It Right is Vivien Searcy’s second album. The first, Water on Soil, was one of the best Swedish records in country music I had heard in years. This new album keeps the same standard and with it Vivien Searcy takes another step in her personal interpretation of country music ‘s attitudes, both lyrically and musically.Even this time Vivien Searcy wrote all the songs alone or with someone in the circle around her. The melodies are strong, they work though every angle. The lyrics are more seasoned than the last time, at times with tongue in cheek humor as in ” Can’t Be Bothered ” in which Vivien Searcy manages to get in both ” horseshit ” and ” bullshit ” in the chorus.Vocally Vivien Searcy has become more playful. She has a defiant ploy, the soft contours have become pointier and her voice clinches supremely with these first class musicians that accompany her. Andreas Rydman and Mikael Berg Andersson ‘s guitars whip at each other and challenge a fine interaction between Honky Tonk picking and spot on swing and blues guitar. Rydman’ s lap steel and Nicke Widen’ s pedal steel play “roots style” and an old classy, long forgotten Nashville sound. The rhythm section follows with great sensitivity.» Live It Right ‘” shows how Vivien Searcy ” Does it right “. An additional praise for this year’s best-looking album cover." 
— Magnus Eriksson - Rootsy / Lira