Vivien is a tremendous person, strong songwriter, and a gifted performer that moves audiences. She is well placed in the music business in Europe and we look forward to taking her music to new international markets.” - Chris Sobonya- President of Artist Management

Vivien Searcy EPK

Americana-Country Artist

Singer and Songwriter

Vivien Searcy is half German, half American, born and raised in Italy, and now living in Sweden. Her diverse ethnic culture has played a large role in her musical journey and in developing her Americana-Pop-Country sound. Vivien’s American roots have made Country music feel like home to her. However, she describes her melodies as more European, with more cadences and a bit of melancholy. 

She moved to Sweden to study music at the beginning of her career, and has found many successes in the music industry ever since. She has written songs for international artists such as Bobby Kimball, Jeff Scott Soto,Work of Art, W.E.T. and Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen. Her song “Guitarman” was honoured by James Burton, Chip Young and Charlie McCoy when they performed the song with Vivien at the Swedish Country Music Gala in 2010. Vivien describes this life-altering moment as her favourite memory of performing in Sweden. “I got to play with true legends and as an Elvis fan, that was a high moment in my career.”

When it comes to her fans, Vivien loves hearing their thoughts and seeing them dance and sing to her music. “It’s the best feeling and the only true measure of my musical success. To touch people with my music is the best gift in the world.” 

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